Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor

Locate your business in the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor to have the fastest, safest and most affordable option to transport goods to and from major economic centres in east and north Alberta. For more information, visit www.easternalbertatradecorridor.com.

About the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor (EATC)

Founded in 2008, the EATC is a partnership of three Regional Economic Development Alliances that represent the full geography of the region:

Together, these three organizations work on behalf of over 80 communities in Eastern Alberta, to accomplish a mission: “To lead collaborative investment, marketing and diversification efforts for Eastern Alberta.”

Why Invest in the EATC?

Strategically located between the United States to the south and the world’s 2nd largest oil reserves: the Alberta Oil Sands in the north. Easy access to Edmonton and Calgary to the west, and access to markets through two border crossings in the south and excellent road and rail connections to the west.

Many of our industrial park locations are in close proximity to Highways 36 (High Load) and 41 (High Load in the Alberta HUB region) and Highway 9 (High Load in the Palliser region east to Saskatchewan).

Opportunities for investment in oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, defence, tourism, and the transportation and distribution sectors.

Compare the price of commercial and industrial lots to those in Calgary and Edmonton, and it will be obvious how cost effective the EATC is for new or expanding businesses. Many of these lots have the additional benefit of being close to the High Load Corridors for ease of transporting goods.

A business can expect happy workers in Eastern Alberta. Housing prices are low, there are ample outdoor and indoor recreation opportunities, easy access to affordable health care, and a top notch educational system including post-secondary options.

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