Business Immigration

As a foreign investor interested in either temporary or permanent business-related immigration or opening your own business in the Palliser region, it is important you understand the immigration process. Below you will find government information and programs geared to investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons looking to immigrate their business to Canada.

Register with Citizenship and Immigration Canada

If you want to operate or invest in a business as a self-employed person in the Palliser region, the first step is to register with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Note that in June 2014, the Federal Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneurs programs were terminated. The Quebec Investor Program and the Quebec Entrepreneur Program are still in affect.

The Alberta government also runs a program designed to bring immigrants into the province. Through the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program, individuals, their spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children, can be nominated by the provincial government to apply for a permanent residency visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada makes the final decision on all provincial nominees.

Find an Immigration Lawyer

You may want to consult an immigration lawyer to help you through the immigration process. Citizenship and Immigration Canada strongly recommends you choose a representative carefully. You can also find a list of immigration lawyers on the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC).

For more information on business immigration, please see Alberta Canada’s Frequently Asked Questions for International Businesses.

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