Whether you’re seeking employment or hiring, this section has what you need to find your dream career or the right job candidates to join and help grow your business.

Careers In-Demand

When deciding on a career path it is sometimes difficult to gauge the need for certain skill sets. Use the Alberta Government’s Occupational Profiles tool to get more details on Careers in Demand.

There are several professional, trades and service-related jobs available with the highest vacancies showing in dispatch, specialized cleaning, hotel front desk clerk, and heavy duty equipment roles (for Lethbridge/Medicine Hat area), based on recent Job Vacancy reports.

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For Career or Workplace Planning, see our Inform section.

For Training and Development programs, visit our Develop section.

Hiring Foreign Workers

The ability for businesses to hire from outside of their province or country significantly reduces the strain on their business caused by labour shortages, when local job candidates are not available or willing to do the work. Hiring & Retaining Foreign Workers in Alberta is a comprehensive booklet outlining the steps to hiring temporary foreign workers.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is operated by the Alberta provincial government and provides support for employers to attract and retain labour, and helps those wanting to live and work in Alberta.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows foreign workers to work in Canada temporarily and for Canadian employers to address labour shortages by temporarily hiring foreign workers. If you are applying to be a temporary worker in Canada make sure to contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada to see if you also need a work permit.

International Qualification Assessment Service compares foreign educational credentials to programs in Canada and issues educational certificates.

The Immigration Branch of the  Alberta Ministry of Labour works with Alberta business and industry to match foreign skilled workers with specific job opportunities in Alberta as well.

For more information on hiring foreign workers, call the Immigrate to Alberta Information Service at 1-877-427-6419.

For Immigration Planning and Newcomer Support, visit our Immigration Resources section.

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