Pulse Processing

Western Canada’s best location for your next pulse processing facility.

Over 600,000 acres of pulses are grown in Alberta’s Palliser region. Shovel – ready land provides rail access, utilities, and skilled labour.

The Village of Foremost is serviced by Forty Mile Rail and the Forty Mile Rail Yard, a short line rail connecting Palliser’s southern region to Canadian Pacific Rail and international markets.

The Town of Oyen is serviced by Canadian National Rail and the Oyen Rail Yard, with 500 feet of town – owned and operated rail siding.

Competitive Advantages

Pulse Growers

There are 3,163 farms growing pulses on 606,962 acres in the Palliser region, according to the 2016 Census of Agriculture. Chickpeas, lentils and dry beans grown in the Palliser region account for 80% of Alberta’s pulse crop production.


Alberta’s Palliser region is home to the vast majority of Canada’s irrigated land, served primarily by two irrigation districts. St Mary River Irrigation District delivers water to over 370,000 acres while the Eastern Irrigation District provides water to an additional 300,000 acres. Pulse crops thrive in the Palliser region!

Available Labour

Palliser region’s unemployment rate sits at approximately 6%, with a participation rate of 66%. Agricultural workers represent the single largest workforce group. The regional participation rate, combined with agricultural experience means your new Palliser – based facility will be able to find skilled labour.


The Oyen Rail Yard, part of the CN Rail network, provides 155 acres of railside land and approximately 1,000 of rail siding. The Foremost Rail Yard connects to CP Rail via the Forty Mile Rail short line rail. The cities of Medicine Hat and Brooks also have rail siding land ready for development. For grain and pulse processing companies in need of rail access, the Palliser region has multiple options to consider.


Low Corporate Taxes

Alberta’s corporate tax rate is 11%, which is the lowest in Canada. By 2020, Alberta’s corporate tax rate will be 8%.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five year, $3 billion federal and provincial funding program designed to strengthen Canada’s agricultural and agri-food sector.

Protein Industries Supercluster

Protein Industries Canada has $153 million for projects that have the potential to transform the agriculture and food production sector and capitalize on the growing global demand for protein sources.

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