Craft Distilling

Start your Distillery in Southeast Alberta

Alberta’s craft spirits sector is poised for explosive growth as consumers seek small-scale, locally-produced product.

Alberta’s Palliser region is home to some of the best ingredients in the world, with excellent market access into Alberta’s major cities. Experienced distillers in Alberta and British Columbia are seeking new places to make their spirits.

A small group of local investors would have the means to bring distilling to their town. With such a meteoric rise, world-class ingredients, available talent, market access, and some local investment dollars, a craft distillery is a real possibility.

Competitive Advantages

Growth Story

There are 24 craft distilleries in Alberta with nearly 80 in British Columbia. This indicates there is room for about 60 more distilleries in Alberta. Craft distilling is growing at an astronomical rate of 30% CAGR, part of a larger trend of consumers seeking locally-produced, high-quality food, beverages, and other consumables. Driven by millennials entering their prime earning years, this trend shows no signs of slowing. Craft distilling is a sustainable way to bring food manufacturing to communities of all sizes.

World Class Ingredients

Alberta’s Palliser region is where some of the best malting barley on the planet is grown. Combine a fast-growing potato sector in Southern Alberta, an abundance of native- and farm-grown botanicals, microclimates conducive to growing hops, and increasing interest in craft malt, and Palliser-based distilleries will have no problem finding the best ingredients for their spirits.

Regulatory Support

When the Government of Alberta changed the regulations around craft brewing in 2013, it released a cascade of craft brewery openings across the province. Those regulations also reduced the barrier to entry for craft distillers. And while Alberta craft brewing continues its ascent, craft distilling in the province has momentum of its own.

Distilling Talent

There is an opportunity for investors to draw on this existing talent pool of craft distillers to handle the day-to-day operations and ensure their community is known for high quality spirits. If distilling is a passion, three week courses are offered at working distilleries across North America.


Low Corporate Taxes

Alberta’s corporate tax rate is 11%, which is the lowest in Canada. By 2020, Alberta’s corporate tax rate will be 8%.

Community Futures Small Business Loans

Community Futures provides customized, affordable loan options for small business owners and entrepreneurs in rural Alberta, ranging from $500 to $150,000.

Olds College Craft Distilling Program

This eight week Distilling Program prepares graduates for employment in the growing alcohol spirits distillation industry.

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