Competitive Advantages

Palliser region offers an optimum business environment for organizations looking to lay down roots or expand. The region’s competitive advantages lay primarily in its abundance in natural resources, reliable infrastructure, access to markets, and low costs of doing business. Businesses here also enjoy an excellent communications and utilities network to ensure smooth business operations, and access to a young, educated labour market.

Natural Resources

The region has significant natural resources, including natural gas reserves, numerous clay deposits, large amounts of agricultural land and a well-developed irrigation infrastructure.

New investments in the region and province are furthering economic growth opportunities within natural resource sectors and support industries.

Access to Markets/Infrastructure

An intricate transportation network of highways, air and rail systems connect the region to wherever a company wants to do business. Plus, our border crossing points in Aden, Alberta/Whitlash, Montana and Wild Horse Pass, Montana provide quick, easy access to and from the United States.

The Palliser region’s pivotal location within the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor (EATC) positions businesses well for easy access to local, national and international markets, opening up product export and import opportunities. The EATC’s partnership with the Ports to Plains Alliance further expands market access down into the United States and Mexico.

Cost of Doing Business

  • Palliser region has one of the lowest overall tax systems in Canada.
  • No provincial sales tax.
  • No capital, payroll, or machinery and equipment taxes.
  • Competitive corporate tax rate of 27% (combined federal/provincial) for general business and 17% (combined) for small business as of January 1, 2017. Source: Province of Alberta. Small Business tax rate for threshold of $500,000 (Cdn).

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