Labour Market


The Palliser region benefits from a youthful, educated population that is willing and able to contribute to the workforce.

Recent labour market highlights (2015) include:

  • Above-average employment in the Agriculture, Trade, Healthcare and Social Assistance, and Construction industries, representing 46% of total employment in the region.
  • The four industries with the highest year-over-year increase in employment were Manufacturing, Educational Services, Health Care and Social Assistance, and Construction.
  • The labour force and employment rates continue to show steady year-over-year growth. Palliser region labour force was 154,700, representing over 6% of the provincial total.
  • The region’s participation rate at 67.2% was the second lowest of all economic regions in the province.
  • The Palliser region unemployment rate of 4.5% was below the provincial average of 6%, which was lower than the national average by 0.9 percentage points and was the third lowest in Canada.
  • The highest rated job vacancies were in dispatch, specialized cleaning, hotel front desk clerk, and heavy duty equipment roles based on recent Job Vacancy reports.

Sources: Data extracted from recent labour reports outlined below.

Labour Reports

* Refer to data labelled “Lethbridge/Medicine Hat” for the most representative data on the Palliser region.