The Palliser region offers many transportation options making it easy to do business locally and opening up expanded business opportunity for importing and exporting. Below you will find a summary of the modes of transportation offered within the Palliser region. For more transportation options, visit our Interactive Transportation Map or Community Profiles.

The Palliser region is part of the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor, which includes Highways 36, 41 and 63, with links to the north and south down to the United States, the Edmonton-Calgary corridor to the west, and east to Saskatchewan. The Corridor is a major component of the Ports to Plains Corridor of the United States, Canada and Mexico.


  • The TransCanada Highway 1 bisects the Palliser area, connecting the region with both Canadian coasts and all points in between.
  • North-south Secondary Highways 36 and 41 connect to central and northern markets, cross the TransCanada, and head south to three Canada/US border crossings: Wild Horse, Alberta/Wild Horse, Montana; Aiden, Alberta/Whitlash, Montana (via Highway 880); and Coutts, Alberta/Sweetgrass, Montana.
  • Highway 3, starting in Medicine Hat at the TransCanada, is a major south-west transportation and tourism route through Lethbridge and on to the Crowsnest Pass to British Columbia.
  • Highway 9, running through the upper part of the Palliser region, is a highly utilized transportation corridor between Saskatoon and Calgary.

PEP At Work

PEP is working with Alberta Transportation via the High Load Corridor (HLC) Committee, to designate the Trans Canada highway between Medicine Hat and Highway 36 as a high load corridor.

View Alberta’s Official Road Report


The region has an excellent trucking system, which is linked to major freight centres and ports across Canada and the United States. The system has trucking companies equipped to haul all products or goods, manufactured or otherwise, year-round.

In 2014, Palliser Economic Partnership completed an Assessment of the Freight Transportation System of Southeast Alberta specific to the City of Medicine Hat, Cypress County and Town of Redcliff. The report undertaken by RJ T&L Consulting Ltd examined the status of freight transportation, the region’s transportation infrastructure and offered recommendations for its improvement.

Air Transportation

The region’s major air transportation link is Medicine Hat’s Regional Airport (YXH), which is operated and maintained by the City of Medicine Hat. The recently expanded (September 2015) airport provides improved facilities for passengers and positions the airport in anticipation of other airlines considering YXH as a potential market.

Medicine Hat’s Municipal Airport:

  • is located west of the city within ten minutes of the downtown core, and also serves Canadian Forces Base Suffield;
  • is equipped with a 5,000 foot runway and up-to-date navigational equipment;
    has daily connecting Air Canada flights to the Calgary International Airport , just a short 55 minute flight away;
  • has freight and charter services available; and
  • has the facilities to accommodate small private aircraft right up to medium-haul jet airliners.

The region’s other airports are:

Railway System

Canadian Pacific Railway (CP Rail) is the predominant railway company through most of the region. CP Rail’s main line splits at Medicine Hat and runs south through Lethbridge then on to the Crowsnest Pass to British Columbia; and north through Calgary and on through Roger’s Pass to British Columbia.

PEP At Work

PEP supports a logistics park assessment in or near Oyen that would convert an abandoned Branch line into a truck rail transfer site. The change would open up new avenues for business growth, and strengthen CN’s business model to provide additional services.

Border Crossings

In addition to the 24-hour Coutts, Alberta/Sweetgrass, Montana Border Crossing, the region provides access to two others: Wild Horse, Alberta/Wild Horse, Montana and Aiden, Alberta/Whitlash, Montana.

The Port of Wild Horse is planning to expand its hours to be open 13 hours/day/7 days a week and provide commercial clearance (Electronic Date Interface) services.

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