One of the Palliser region’s primary industries is agriculture, including farming and ranching. The area has close to 3,300 farms – not including the many non-farm establishments in the agri-food industry – with over 2.7 million acres in cropland and over $507 million in livestock. It also has nearly a third of all irrigated land in the province of Alberta.

Alberta’s agri-food processing industry and the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor (EATC), of which Palliser region is a part, enjoy favourable conditions for the development of food and meat processing opportunities. The City of Brooks and Medicine Hat are homes to several of the region’s meat processing facilities.

Alberta also offers an extensive network of research and development facilities in and near the EATC to help develop and commercialize products and processes. Agricultural research in the region has resulted in better production methods, new crop varieties, and a large, varied genetic pool of breeding livestock.

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Source: 2011 Census of Agriculture – Statistics Canada 

Local Company – Big Impact

Spragg’s Meat Shop, in the village of Rosemary, is a company achieving all kinds of success  raising and selling  free-range pigs to Albertans. By allowing the pigs to have free rein over the farm, the animals are relieved of normal environmental stresses experienced in traditional pig farms. This is another example of when a product or service is unique and superior, rural business can thrive anywhere.