Conventional energy sources include oil, gas and coal. The current mix of energy production in the province of Alberta is more heavily weighted towards Coal (39%), Cogeneration (28%) and Gas (16%). This mix will undoubtedly see rapid change with a new Climate Leadership Plan intended to phase out coal-generated electricity and increase renewable energy power grids by 30% by the year 2030.

Oil & Gas

As has been the case for over a century, Southeast Alberta and Southwest Saskatchewan remain active in the oil and gas industry. Energy sector opportunities in the Palliser region range from Exploration and Production, Drilling, Oil and Gas Servicing, and Pipelines and Pipeline Contracting.

With more emphasis being placed on renewable energy, new opportunities to leverage renewable (or alternative) energy to support the oil and gas sector are on the rise. There are over 200 businesses in the City of Brooks area alone, that provide goods and services for exploration, production and delivery.

View our Oil Sands – EATC Sector Profile to gain insights into how the Oil Sands are supported by the Metal Fabrication and Machinery Manufacturing industry.

Local Company – Big Impact

Exlco, a Hanna-born company, makes the Ex-Fence, a modular, stackable, freestanding fencing system now widely used at oilrig sites across Western Canada. Designed by a 20-year veteran of the oil industry, the Ex-Fence  has revolutionized the oil and gas industry.

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