Defence & Aerospace

One of Canada’s four Canadian Forces Bases is located in the Palliser region. CFB Suffield is an army base established during World War II. It has three major components:

1. The Canadian Forces Base
2. Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) – Suffield
3. The British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS)

The Base and DRDC Suffield employ many professionals, creating a significant economic impact on the region. This is a dynamic sector with projected growth through the establishment of new training programs.

Review informative Selling to Government – CFB Suffield Presentations delivered at the 2016 Seminar.

Unmanned Vehicle Systems

The growing Unmanned Vehicle System (UVS) cluster in southeast Alberta provides a great opportunity to do interesting and unique work in a special sector and to achieve sustained business results. Firms working in unmanned vehicle systems include specialists in software, artificial intelligence, power systems, propulsion systems, sensors, wiring, wireless and GPS systems, remote controls, telecommunications, engineering, metal fabrication and component assembly.

View our Unmanned Vehicle System – EATC Sector Profile.


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